Ten simple curly hairstyles

Hairstyles can tend to be quite a difficult task. Usually, there are a lot of steps that are involved, which can be quite stressful and challenging to get right. Furthermore, there are fewer style options available for older women. Both of these factors can often be discouraging for women over forty, but it is the time to change. One of the most elegant and versatile hairs styles are curls, which suit every mood and season. Not to mention, they are easy to do as well. If you’re looking for some new inspiration to get a new look and be your best self, check out these ten simple hairstyles for more than 40 women.

  1. Bouncy curls

One of the most comfortable styles to do on the daily is gorgeous curls. Take some serum and run it through your hair and then wrap a medium-sized section of hair and curl it around the rod. Hold it for about 15 to 20 seconds, and then roll out the strand from the rod. Do these for all the sections, and you’re good to go.

  1. Flatiron curls

Instead of a curling rod, try using a flat iron to give yourself slightly more open and bouncy curls. Use heat serum on your hair, and then, like earlier, take a section of your hair and clamp it between the planes of the iron. Then start twisting it away from your face and keep going till you reach the end. Your hair will fall out in soft curls.

  1. Layered curls

If you want a permanent change, try going for a layered haircut. Layers give your hair immense volume and a messy kind of look, which is often a great thing. If you want to channel your inner rockstar, then go for a layered haircut and then curl the ends of the hair. You’ll have a full head of curls.

  1. A curled bob

If you want a haircut to beat the summer heat, but still want your curls to show, go for a simple bob cut at the length you want. It’s advised that you keep the length to a little above or below the ears as it is most flattering. It will also keep you cool all day. 

  1. Soft waves

If you want to look elegant and classy, as you should be, there is no better style than soft streams that flow down the length of your hair. Use a curling iron and wrap big sections of hair around it. Keep it for 20 seconds and then unroll. Brush them out once, and you’re all set.

  1. Tight pin up

On the days that you’re feeling raunchy, try channelling your inner 1950s pin-up model with a tightly curled bob. Use a brush to sweep the front of your to create a side sweep and set it with bobby pins. Then tightly curl the rest of your hair so that it sits around the nape of your neck. Use some volumising hair spray for extra oomph.

  1. Pixie curls

Just because you have cropped hair doesn’t mean it has to be the same old boring style. Switch up your game and try out a messy, yet chic style by using some hairspray all over your hair and then scrunching it up with your hands. You can even add some heat to give it a frizzier look.

  1. Coil curls

This classic hairstyle can never go overlooked. Coiled curls have always been a flattering hairstyle on all face shapes. You can go for a perm, especially if you have long hair. But if you don’t want to commit to a fixed style for a long time, try placing hair roller curlers on wet hair and keep it overnight. You’ll have a good enough coil the next day. 

  1. Large waves

We’ve done soft waves, so it would be unfair not to mention the large waves that are also a fan favourite. Here, the hair is treated with a texture serum first, and then large as well as small sections of hair are heated on high temperatures several times to get a layered effect that adds depth and drama.

  1. Wet look

Lastly, we have the sexy summertime wet curls. Here, the hair is teased and curled slightly, and then hair gels are added to give it a wet shine. This creates a just out of the ocean, beachy look that screams of summer. This is a style that can be tried out on all lengths of hair. 

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