Beautiful eyes are one of the most important factors to gain attention. If the eyes are having long & dark eyelashes, it truly gives the perfect look. Some females are blessed with good eyelashes but some may opt for other options of cosmetics. All this makes the eyelash longer & dark that is a perfect choice before going to a party. But natural is natural only because nothing could beat that. For some females who are not blessed with natural eyelash & have a desire to get the same could go with little effort. For this, we are here to introduce you to the amazing benefits of olive oil. 

Olive oil is rich in antioxidants and other fatty acids which make it ideal to use not only for scalp & hair but also for eyebrows & eyelashes. It’s having many merits on hair & skin so it is a perfect thing for eyelashes too. Want to know how? Let’s check it more.

  • Make long & dark: Olive oil can make the eyelash long & dark. Due to its antioxidants, it is a safe, natural & non-irritating natural product. It penetrates easily & nourishes from the root.
  • Lock moisture: It nourishes each & every strand & promotes the growth. With the help of this moisture does not get escape easily & your eyelash gets a shiny look. 
  • Good blood circulation: A good blood circulation is a very important factor for hair growth; the same applies to the eyelash case.
  • Reduce the fallout of eyelashes: Whenever you use mascara or any other cosmetic in excess, it damages the eyelash. Olive oil helps in repairing that.
  • Blessed with hair-loving nutrients: Olive has all types of nutrients like Vitamin E, oleuropein & fatty acids that are like a boon for hair. 
  • Rehydrates: Olive oil rehydrates the hair strand and makes them silky. This gives out an attractive look. This oil keeps the hair rehydrated and makes a better look. 

Using olive oil for eyelash:

The using of this oil is very simple yet effective. This oil could be used directly but due to its heavy texture, you must take it in small quantity (few drops).  

  • Put a few drops of olive oil on the cotton ball & apply it on your eyelash. 
  • Leave it for 5 to 10 minutes & then rinse with water 
  • In this way, it will remove all excessive oil & give out a fabulous condition

Instead of a cotton ball, you could also use the eyelash brush & follow the same procedure later. 

Additional tips:

You could also add vitamin E with olive oil. The process if followed in the night will give rest & the penetration will be better. A good diet could also accompany the treatment & you could also take additional health supplements. The oil could also be used as a makeup remover. The eye area is sensitive & very delicate so care must be taken from the hygienic point of view.

When I will get the result?

Applying olive oil is a natural treatment & it takes time to offer you a result. Don’t expect the outcome overnight but you will get the result typical in a month or a few weeks.   

Final touch:

So these are some benefits of olive oil for eyelashes. Remember that natural treatment is always giving a good & permanent result instead of using an artificial cosmetic. So if you don’t have thick eyelashes naturally, don’t worry about it now. Hope you get useful information. If you use any additional tips or information we welcome the same in our comment box. Thanks for reading. 

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